Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are working with PowerPoint - learning the mechanics: how to create a new slide, choose a template, insert an image, change fonts, etc.

Year 3 will put their drawings from Splosh, Image Tricks and ArtRage on their slides, and later write descriptions or captions. Year 4 will use the images of place they found through FlickrStorm and write the "story" told by each picture. Year 5 will use the screen shots they took from Google Earth work, using Grab. Year 6 is working on hyperlinks, creating very simple "choose your own ending" stories.

Within these projects are discussions about copyright, legibility, principals of design, and suitability for purpose.


Using Google Earth redux

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote this post:
Using the free software application Google Earth can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. There are many websites with ideas, help, downloads, lessons, etc. Start with this introduction page , and this page about how to use Google Earth.

Google Earth Links
This page of the Google Earth Blog is devoted to providing links to important web resources about Google Earth, KML/KMZ, sightseeing GE's satellite/aerial photos, software tools, games, and more. For an even longer list of links, check out OgleEarth's links page.

Google Sightseeing
On the Sights by Locality page, you can find posts about particular sights around the world. Check out the Switzerland page.

Swiss Alps "Fighter" Tour in Google Earth
Of special interest for us is the tour of the Swiss Alps in a Swiss fighter plane, filmed for real, and then reproduced on Google Earth. You can read about how it was made, and see both versions here (embedded from YouTube).
It's September again, and Year 5 is using Google Earth again as part of their Unit of Inquiry into "How in the world do we know where we are?" First we learned how to navigate with Google Earth: how to use the compass wheel, how to zoom in and out, and to level off. We've learned how to add features, and out favorite is 3D buildings. We've learned how to use the utility Grab to take screen shots, and have taken screen capures of the whole Earth, our homes, and then interesting places. Here are some samples:
screen shot of the Earth in Google EarthSt. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, a 3D building in Geneva Earth

A screen shot of the Earth, in Google Earth

St. Pierre in Geneva, 3D Buildings, Google EarthLondon, in 3D buildings, in Google Earth

We've talked about why some places have lots of 3D buildings, and others have none, and why some places we know exist (like our school!) do not show on Google Earth. Today's challenge questions was:
If you dig a hole straight down under the school, through the Earth, where will you come out? How do you know?