Who are we?

Year 5 investigates Art and Artists as a Unit of Inquiry with the Theme "How we express ourselves". From a photograph, the students create paintings of themselves with our Visual Arts teacher. In ICT class they manipulate the same photograph to create new versions of themselves, using Image Tricks software

Here's the results, from our Flickr set:


Keyboarding redux

I've written a few times about keyboarding in our ICT classes.

P3240002This week we started working at the BBC's Dance Mat Typing. Years 3, 4 and 5 have been using Type to Learn 3 for 15 minutes of each ICT lesson, and those who are going to be able to use "two hands and 10 fingers" are well into being able to touch type. It was time for a change.  The BBC site was recommended to me (along with other sites) by colleagues at the recent ECIS ICT conference in London.

We had discovered that though the students might be very proficient keyboarders within the context of Type to Learn activities, when they used a computer to write in Word, (or any other occasion to enter text) many of them not only didn't use 10 fingers to do the job, they didn't realize that they could - or should! Keyboarding is not necessarily a transferable skill! Once again, we adults were caught short - we thought we had "taught" and the students had "learned" a skill!